For   more   than   two   decades   our   special   gluers   are   the   leading   solution   for   hand   glue   eliminating   production   within   the   packaging   and display   industry.   In   1984   the   first   version   of   the   Unigluer   was   introduced.   as   a   stand-alone   machine   for   gluing   small   and   middle   runs, where   set-up   and   simplicity   are   among   the   basic   features.   The   basic   ideas   in   this   system   are   still   among   the   most   effective   hand   glue eliminators   on   the   market,   available   today.   Our   well   known   Working   station   system   (the   original   system   on   the   market)   is   also   based   on this our Unigluer. The   Working   Station   gluers   vill   glue   one   or   multi-part   boxes   and   displays   from   the   smallest   to   the   largest   size.   Gluing   or   taping   from   the inside   and/or   outside   of   the   subject,   as   well   as   producing   assembly   works.   It   is   possible   to   create   excatly   the   configuration   suitable   for   your products and production, simply by adding different stations into a line, for example :
The Working Station Line, series 130 The Working Station lIne is the most known configuration of our gluing machine modules, apart from the stand-alone Unigluer. It is a configuration for the rationell and effective gluing of complexe displays and packaging. For more than two decades now, it has proven the true value in many companies all over the world. At anytime the line easily can be re-arranged in order to meet totally other future demands. A 130 Gluer line can also be expanded with the stations from the 140 Gluer. Thereby you can automate the line even further in order to configure a specific need for your production.
The Lunding Working Station Gluer
The Working Station Line consist thereby of: 132 - Unigluer - the Unigluer is the Master-machine in a semi-automatic line - 134 - Working Station 135 - Pressing Station Hot Melt glue system / cold glue system  /  taping system Working widths : 1600 - 1800 - 2000 - 2200 - (folded) or on request. Performance : Up to 2.000 boxes / displays per hour, or up to 1.200 more part displays per hour.
Please    contact    us    for    information    about    the    rational    production    of    packaging,    displays,    more-part    displays,    standees,    taping    and whatever is necessary to produce in your glue department. We   introduce   new   machine   lines   for   the   gluing   of   creative   displays   and   packaging   soon,   including   interesting   upgrades   of   your   existing machine.
135 - Pressing Station
134 - Working Station
132 - Unigluer
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