The LUNDING special gluers For more than two decades our special gluers are the leading solution for hand glue eliminating production within the packaging and display industry.   In 1990 the first version of the Unigluer was introduced. The basic ideas in this system are  still among the most effective hand glue eliminators on the market, available today. Our well known Working station sytem (the original system on the market) is also based on this our Unigluer or on the automatic feeder. Please contact us for information about the rational production of packaging, displays, more-part displays, standees, taping and whatever is necessary to produce in your glue department. We introduce new machine lines for the gluing of creative displays and packaging during this year including interesting upgrades of your existing machine.
GB DE 132 Uni-Gluer 134 Working - Station 135 Pressing - Station
The Unigluer, model 132 The Unigluer is a semi automatic glueing machine, which   is   the   basic   machine   in   the   different   machine lines.   By   adding   the   131   module   (aut.   feeder)   it   is   also possible to automate the feeding in the machine. In   the   Unigluer   the   most   creative   and   extra   ordinary packaging and display can be glued very quickly. An   easy   and   a   very   quick   setup   is   one   of   the   basic features. Another basic feature is the performance: Up to 2.000 boxes are possible to glue per hour. Even   the   possibility   to   glue   two   different   runs   (optional) at   the   same   time   (right   and   left   in   the   machine)   is   one of   the   advantages,   which   proves   the   flexibility   of   this our gluer.
The Working Station, model 134 The    WS-Station    is    a    module    which,    added    to    the Unigluer,   creates   a   powerful   tool   for   the   production   of more-part displays or over-sized boxes. Further    more    standees,    mounting    and    assembley jobs   are   produced   very   effective,   which   brings   power into the glueing department. An easy and a very quick setup is a basic feature.
The Pressing Station, model 135 The   Pressing-Station   is   a   module,   which   ia   added   after the   Unigluer.   Here   the   glued   display   or   box   will   be   kept together   at   the   glue   contact   point,   until   the   hotmelt   glue is   ready   to   hold   the   glued   subject   together   without   the risk, that it will open and weaken the glue track. The   station   works   in   tact   or   contiounesly,   depending   on operator choice.
130-WS Line Info
The Working Station Line The Working Station lIne is the most known configuration of our glueing machine modules. It is a configuration for the rationell and effective glueing of complexe displays and packaging. Please click on the Info button to the left for further information and video.
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