132 The Unigluer In   the   basic   machine,   the   Unigluer,   it   is   possible   to glue    and    tape    the    most    various    type    of    creative packaging   and   displays,   even   long   and   narrow   boxes (see picture). As   the   machine   is   very   quick   to   set   up   and   especially very   easy   to   handle,   it   is   one   of   the   most   effective rationalising   equipments   in   order   to   eliminate   hand gluing in your gluing department. The machine handles small and middle runs. The   machine   can   be   expanded,   very   easily,   simply   by adding   additional   modules,   in   order   to   achieve   a   machine   configuration,   suitable for    the    specific    customer    production.    Thereby    it    is    expandable    into    a    semi automatic multi-part gluing - or taping machine. It   is   even   possible   to   add   an   automatic   feeder   to   achieve   fully   automatic   versions, covering your specific requirements.
132 The Unigluer options Different optional devices are available, which makes the machine even more flexible: Diagonal gluings Zig zag gluings Please watch the video :
Another interesting option, the taping device, gives even more flexibility.  Click here to see the Tape Dispensers.
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