The automatic feeder, model 141 The   automatic   feeder   is   a   module,   which   will   upgrade   the   Unigluer with an automated infeed. The   feeder   is   a   belt   feeder,   which   feeds   the   lower   box/sheet   into   the next station. It will feed contiounesly or in tact. Even a top vacuum suction feeder is in development.
The 140 automatic Gluers
The 140 gluer is the automated version of our module based creative gluers. 140 configuration (example) : 141 Automatic feeder 142 Glue station 144 Taping station This configuration is for instance used as taping machines, where tape stripes or silicon paper stripes are applicated on packaging or displays in production speed of up to 3.600 per hour.
Options: The   possibility   to   glue   two   different   runs   at   the   same   time (right and left in the machine). Vacuum assist
140 automatic Gluer modules :
The Gluing Station In    the    Gluing    Station    normally    the    glue    is    applied    by means of the glue gun(s). In   this   Station   even   other   functions   could   be   build   in,   for instance    folding    device    to    fold    parallel    to    the    machine width, surface grinding etc.
The Taping Station In   the   Taping   Station   several   Tape   Dispensers   can   be   placed   for   automatic   application   of   tape   or   silicon   paper   stripes   of   different types to boxes or Displays. Even some assembly work could be made in this station.
Gluing Station (Multi Task Station), model 142
Taping Station, model 142
New Station, model 145
The Delivery The   Delivery   receives   the   finished   boxes   /   sheets   for   manual packing. The    station    is    available    in    different    versions,    suitable    for different kind of objects. The Delivery Station works in tact as well as continuously.
Delivery, model 146
The   145   Station   is   a   new   development   ,which   will be introduced during 2018. More information will follow soon.
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