LUNDING Inline laminator, series BFN 1650 The high performance roll to sheet litho laminator, works in concert with a corrugator (in-line) or is used as an off-line machine. With a production speed exeeding 11.000 sheets per hour this roll to sheet machine already did show what is possible to achieve within this segment. Please contact us for further information.
The Inline laminator, performing up to 180 m/min, consists of :  Automatic feeder for the printed sheet Laminating station with a rotary cut-off knife  High performance line-speed pressing belt  High performance shingling pressing station  Handful stacker  Turn-over station (flip/flop)  De-shingling station  Automatic down stacker For the corrugator and corrugated board even :  Take-up station  Accumulator (dancers)  Slitting station (with Tidland-five knifes)  Side-aligning unit (with Tidland-five system)
Please contact us for further information.
Roll to sheet laminator, model BFN 1650 Video: The BFN inline laminator, performing 9.700 sheets per hour, combined with an Agnati Master corrugator.
BFN 1650 inline laminator (roll to sheet laminator) In-line Off-line For the lamination of : Printed sheets to single face flute Tear stripes option Non-stop produktion Performance : More than 11.000 sheets per hour.
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