The Lunding Working Station gluers, series 130
Please   contact   us   for   information   about   the   rational   production   of   packaging,   displays,   more-part   displays,   standees,   taping   and   whatever   is necessary to produce in your glue department. We   introduce   new   machine   lines   for   the   gluing   of   creative   displays   and   packaging   soon,   including   interesting   upgrades   of   your   existing machine.
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The   Lunding   gluing   machines   for   the   gluing   and   /   or taping   of   creative   one-   or   more   part   packaging   and displays in solid - or corrugated board. This   machine   will   bring   performance   in   your   gluing department,   as   the   system   has   been   doing   for   more than    two    decades    now    in    most    of    the    major companies, all over Europe.
The Lunding automatic gluers, series 140
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The Lunding automatic Folder Gluer, series 150 :
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Lunding Tape Dispenser, model 120-050 :
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Lunding Glue control, series GC-116 :
The Lunding semi-automatic Unigluer, series 132
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The    Lunding    Unigluer    is    one    of    the    most    versatile    and productive   semi-automatic   gluing   and/or   taping   machines, available on the market. With   the   easy   and   quick   set-up   and   high   performance   the machine   creates   high   output   production   in   any   gluing   and taping department.
The   fully   automatic   Lunding   machines   for   the   gluing and   /   or   taping   of   Packaging   and   Displays   (one   or   two- part) in solid - or corrugated board. Even sheets are glued or taped in this configuration.
The    fully    automatic    Lunding    folder    gluer    is    the traditional    concept    for    gluing    standard    packaging, such    as    straight    line    glued    packaging,    also    with automatic   bottom,   4   corner   trays   and   other   normal packaging in higher speed. The new version is in preparation.
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