In December 1999 Bo became the possibility to build the ultimate laminating machine line: A 1650 mm wide Inline laminator, working in concert with a corrugator, performing up to 10.000 sheets per hour, running up to 150 m/min. The machine, which Bo named BFN1650 after the initiator, went into production in May 2001 (by the same customer as in 1987), and even today, after 17 years, it is still going strong.
A life time serving the Packaging and Display industry ....
Here Thorkild receives his third SCANSTAR reward. He won three years in a row in 1970,1971 and 1972: Holmegård Kroglas Holmegård Skibsglas Boda/Kosta
Thorkild starts his own Packaging Company in Helsingborg, Sweden. He   imported   Packaging   from   Germany,   mainly   from   F.   LUCE   in   Bielefeld,   and   later   mostly   from   Carton   Union   in   Garbsen   by   Hannover.   Even Cartotechnica, Chieri by Torino in Italy was a supplier. Bo moved to Sweden in April 1974 and worked with Thorkild in his company. The youngest son of Thorkild, Ib, even was included in the daily work. In   order   to   deliver   large   two   piece   boxes   to   a   Swedish   company,   STIGA   AB,   Thorkild   starts   his   own   production   plant   in   Klevshult,   north   of Värnamo in Sweden. Here   he   and   his   sons   developed   machines   for   rational   glueing   of   large   format   boxes   for   STIGA   „Snowracer“,   STIGA   „Ice   Hockey   game“   and even the STIGA „Football game“. They   even   developed   their   first   own   sheet   laminators   for   the   production   of   packaging   to   the   Swedish   glas   art   industries,   Orrefors,   Kosta, Boda, Skruvs, Åseda ….Even a WUPA hand platen, an autoplaten (KAMA TS), and a Jagenberg Universal gluer were bought.
The   son   of   Thorkild,   Bo,   begins   as   a   packaging   engineer   in   the   Danish   company,   Øernes   Kartonnage   AS,   serving   their   Swedish   agent   with handmade samples and drawings for the pre-print  litho and cutting forms. In   the   weekends   he   worked   in   the   production,   where   he   learned   cutting   on   a   WUPA   autoplaten   and   gluing   in   a   Jagenberg   Diana   Folder Gluer.
Thorkild   Lunding   (1922   -   1990)   starts   working   with   corrugated   packaging   in   Denmark.   He   was   employed   by   COLON   AS,   a Danish   subsidiary   to   SCA,   where   he   started   engineering   different   corrugated   boxes.   Some   were   patented   (example: „Mathilde“ 6-edge box with crash lock bottom). He   specialized   in   offset-printed   and   laminated   boxes   and   Displays,   at   Øernes   Kartonnage   AS,   which   was   the   first   company producing   offset-printed   and   laminated   boxes   in   Scandinavia.   Even   Displays   were   designed   and   sold,   for   instance   to Schweppes in Hamburg. He then started up the production of this kind of boxes by Fritz Schur AS, Frederikssund. The   company   Isacssons   Wellemballage   AB   was   marketing   the   laminated   packaging   and   imported   the   products   from   the Danish company, Øernes Kartonnage. Thorkild became the Market Director for these type of packaging by Isacssons.
During the preparation of the production plant, the oldest son, Erik, joined Thorkild in the daily work. A very solid knowledge for packaging and production technique was founded in these days.
The production plant in Klevshult in preparation
WUPA Hand Platen  and Jagenberg folder gluer
The first Packaging exhibition in Copenhagen, Bella Center
This laminator was based on an „ESSOR“ glue station, and the pressing station came from an old clothe-washing press. This machine did produce from 1977 and up to 1990, according the customer. Picture : Bo during installation by customer.
For a colleague in Denmark, Bo and IB develope their first own laminator .
The   family   decided   to   move   in   direction   of   Gothenburg   and   choosed   to   settle   in   Borås,   80   km   east   of Gothenburg. Here the packaging production plant was expanded. In the same time the wish to devolope and build machinery for the industry increased.
Thorkild, Bo and Ib developes and build another prototype of a sheet laminator, in order to be introduced to the market. Thorkild and Bo got a World patent on the registration system.
A second autoplaten (KAMA TS96) was installed.
The packaging company was taken over by a large Swedish Corrugated Corporation. Thorkild moved back to Denmark, where he manufactured laminating machines. Bo and Ib stayed with the the corrugated Corporation in Sweden.
Thorkild did build sheet laminators comercially. Bo joined with the financing of the machines.
Bo founds a Company in Borås, Sweden in order to produce and market sheet laminators and gluing machines to the international market. He named the company Lamina Maskin AB. Thorkild became 50% of the Lamina company.
The first order to USA was build and delivered to a customer in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where Thorkild and his son Ib was installing it.
The first Exhibition : SCANPACK in Gothenburg 1988. Here a new semi automatic laminator was presented.
The first order to the European market outside Scandinavia was a fully automatic machine to Vevey, Switzerland.
Thorkild and Bo during installation in Vevey.
April Through one of the advisors Bo became contact with a person who was interested in the production of the machines. He took over the 40% from Thorkild, who wanted to reduce his engagement, due to health circumstances. This person surprised, as he even took over the 2x10% from the advisors, who worked even for him, too. Thereby he unexpectedly suddenly controlled 60% and Bo 40% of the Lamina Company.
December Thorkild and Bo sold each 10% shares to two company advisors, in order to strengthen the organisation. After this Bo had 40%, Thorkild 40%, and the two advisors each 10%.
October Due to the fact to be in minority, Bo left the Lamina Company in Borås, which he founded almost three years earlier.
Bo started to develope a new gluer, which he then sold to a German customer, Bildpack GmbH, in Hannover.
Produktion by Bildpack GmbH.
The second machine was sold to Post Folder gluer Company in New Hampshire, USA (for introduction to the American market).
Thorkild passed away in march 1990, after severe illness.
From 1992 several Uni Gluers were sold to European industries in Scandinavia, Germany, Austria and other countries. Even sheet laminators were produced.
Bo developed the gluing machine system further, and started to present several different modules, where customers had the possibility to configure a machine line according their requirements. The first line was the „Display Line“, a machine concept for  gluing normal or two part Displays, which was first sold to several of the largest Packaging industries in Germany.
Display Line: This new line consisted of three modules: Unigluer (the main machine) Display Station Pressing Station
Bo developed the gluing machine system even further. In 1999 the Working Station Line was introduced to the market. The machine concept was added the possibility to run more-part Displays, standees, assembly work etc. The Working Station concept is the original on the market.
In this machine it is possible to produce normal packaging but even two-part displays / boxes very effectively.
Bo developed the gluing machine system also into fully automatic versions.
Pre-folding - Folding Stations
Automatic feeder
During 2002-2004 the experience from the Inline laminator was integrated into the new series of sheet laminators. Hereby Bo did develope a superb basic sheet laminator, expandable into a 23 m long complete line. This line was delivered to a customer in Barcelona, with the new MCB high precision registration system.
The gluing machines, which was build in profiles were upgraded in order to increase the strength in the machine structure, and in order to prepare the system for new additional stations. The result was introduced in 2005 as the series 100, with a solid and yet very flexible frame system in supreme quality. The Working Station Line, series 100, was the result of this the upgrade concept for creative gluers:
2006-2009… During this period of time, the gluers were further developed, but even the laminator program:
New elevated Shingling Pressing belt.
Handful stacker (manual delivery).
The second Inline laminator was delivered to the same customer in MInnesota, USA, this time performing 11.000 sheets per hour.
Back to the roots: in 2014 it was time for Bo to get back to the roots, where it all started. With his family he moved to Denmark and started to develope the new generation of gluers and laminators, together with the family. The production is situated in Sonderborg, near the German border.
Introduction of the new generation of creative glueing machines, the series 130:
The Tape Dispenser is introduced to the market.
The tape dispenser applies tape stripes and tear stripes to Packaging and Displays. It is an optional unit, which can be added in any of the gluing machines. It works like a glue head and is controlled by the glue control system.
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Our roots are within the Packaging and Display industry since more than 50 years.
The picture shows the machine line during installation.
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