The 130 Working Station Line : The first of our new version of the well known „Working Station line“ was delivered in September 2015 to a german customer. There are several new solutions in this new version and it is prepared for the coming new stations, which will be launched in 2017/18.
New version of our sheet laminator, model  400 BaseLine : The new laminator, model 400 is taking shape. The laminator will be available in soon. The   400   laminator   is   a   sheet   laminator,   with   automatic   pile   feeder   for   the printed   sheets   as   well   as   for   the   substrate   sheets   (The   machine   can   also   be configured with our vacuum assisted automatic belt-feeder for the substrate). The 400 laminator will be equipped with a new loading system. Please   visit   this   our   homepage   in   short   again,   and   you   will   find   out   more about this our new product.
The 121 automatic applicator for silicon paper stripes : The 121 taping system was developed in order to place a silicon paper stripe upon a hot melt glue track. Thereby you are able to produce boxes / sheets with integrated „quick close“. This type of packaging is more and more common within the web trade. Max diameter of the silicon paper roll is 500 mm.
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