LUNDING creative gluing machines The gluing machine system for creative packaging and displays (POS) : 130 Gluers : Semi automatic gluing machines for creative requirements 140 Gluers : Fully automatic gluing and taping machines for creative requirements 150 Gluers : Folder gluer machines (traditional type) Options: Glue Control (model GC116) Taping systems (model 120-125) Machine lines : Working Station Line (model 130) Automatic Gluers and Tapers (model 140) Folder Gluer (model 150)
Taping machines, model 120-130-140 Tape Dispensers Silicon Dispenser For the application of : Tape Tear stripes Silicon paper stripes on boxes or POS-displays.
LUNDING Taping machines & Tape Dispensers
118 - Tape Dispenser Basic
The modular sheet laminator system for the laminating of sheets in excellent high precision. Semi automatic sheet laminators Fully automatic sheet laminators Complete automated sheet laminator lines Including options, such as pressing belts, delivery, inverter etc.
In-line Off-line For the lamination of : Printed sheets to single face Tear stripes option Non-stop produktion Performance : More than 11.000 sheets per hour.
LUNDING sheet Laminators
LUNDING roll to sheet Laminator
The EasyCalc offers you very complexe calculations in only a few minutes. It will furthermore automatically prepare and print your : Quotations Order confirmations Purchase orders Production papers Delivery papers invoices For further information, please contact us.
LUNDING EasyCalc software
120 - Tape Dispenser TD50
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