Manuals and maintenance system Much effort is done in order to make the machine documentation as transparent and understandable as possible. This is why we mostly use pictures in order to clarify the respective issues and handling of the specific machine. Here you see an example of one of our assembly groups . We are working on a virtual operating manual and spare part handling, too. This will include even videos to view regarding set up of special boxes etc. Is any question un-answered, then of course our service – supervisors will be available.
Spare parts Even well build machines some times need the asset to spare parts. Our mission is to minimize this need, which we already begin to consider during the construction and in the design of our products: Only quality components are part of our machines. Also certain internal routines are followed in order to inspect even specific assembly-groups, making sure that the high level of quality are kept during all assembly phases. Components and suppliers are chosen with the worldwide supplier-chain in mind. Motors, electrical components, drives, chains and the like must be available on customer site, this is a demandof ours toward our suppliers.
Operator safety All machine producers in Europe are obliged to design and build according the safety directives, decided within the European Union. As result of this, the CE-sign is supposed to be seen on every machine, delivered in Europe. These norms are very much alike the rules valid today for the US. Even within operator safety, we are among the leading companies. Since 1997 our machines are build according the European directives of today. But we even went a step further: The machines are also build according the safety directives, that the German Organization for security (sector: Paper and Printing industry) defined. This certificate is the “GS”- sign (“Geprüfte Sicherheit”) .... an even harder directive than the CE norm. These are our standard and directives. On the pictures you see examples of this effort, which is standard in a Lunding machine.
Quality We will never compromise with the quality in our products. SKF bearings, SEW or Siemens motors, Eaton, Schneider, Mitsubishi, SMC and Festo are mostly standard components in our machines. This quality thinking will bring our customers many years of trouble-free production. Even where extruded aluminum profiles are build into the machines, we only use the best available.
Service department In the near future we are going to place our spare parts system on the web. Thereby our customers will have asset to the different spare part cataloques and also to find tip and technical information about glue sorts, tape brands. Even video schooling and production methods will be available here.
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